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Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Fall 2021, Higher School of Economics

The class will meet online this semester! Please e-mail me if you are registered and need the link.


Hot to get Stata 17 as an HSE student.

Midterm project deadline: October 31. November 7.

Topic 1: Beliefs

Slides (Part 1), Slides (Part 2), Slides (Part 3), Notes on econometrics.

Readings: Chapter 30 of this book, Evdokimov and Garfagnini (2021) (read for September 14) , Holt and Smith (2009), Miller and Sanjurjo (2019) (read for September 21), Charness, et al (2010), Gilovich, et al (1985).

Stata materials: Link .

Topic 2: Preferences

Slides (Part 1). Slides (Part 2). Slides (Part 3).

Readings: Kahneman and Tversky (1979), Thaler, et al (1997), Evdokimov (2021), Khaw, et al. (2021) (read for September 28).

Stata materials: Link .

Topic 3: Game Theory

Readings: Goeree and Holt (2001) (read for Nomember 9). Gill and Prowse (2016) (read for November 16)

Topic 4: Miscellaneous

Final project example: Link.

oTree introduction: To install oTree on your computer, follow the instructions here . Then register at http://www.otreehub.com, and log into oTree studio. You can then follow along as we program our first oTree experiment in class.

Readings on gender effects: Schram, et al (2018) (read for November 30). Buser, et al (2017) (read for November 30).