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Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Fall 2019, Higher School of Economics


Section 1 readings (Introduction):

Lecture notes
Chapter 1 of Mostly Harmless Econometrics
Hertwig and Ortmann
Card, et al. (the section on gift exchange)

Section 2 readings (Game theory):

Notes on game theory
Paper 1: On the persistence of strategic sophistication (Instructions)
Slides on Paper 1
Paper 2: Beliefs and endogenous cognitive levels: An experimental study
Slides on Paper 2

Section 3 readings (Nash Equilibrium):

Reference 1, Reference 2, Reference 3

Section 4 readings (Prosocial behavior 1):

Reference 1, Reference 2, Reference 3 Reference 4, Reference 5

Section 5 readings (Prosocial behavior 2):

Reference 1.